Learning Japanese
with Real Conversations.

Are you learning Japanese that nobody uses?
At JapaTalk, you can learn the Japanese language that is actually used by native Japanese speakers.

The teachers at JapaTalk have been trained in teaching Japanese, have teaching licenses, and have worked for Japanese companies. Some of them can also speak English or Chinese. Amongst them are school teachers and TV or Radio announcers.

By having conversations with our teachers, you will learn Japanese from experienced professionals who have a wide range of skills, knowledge, and insights.

JapaTalk teachers:

  • Are highly skilled in Japanese conversation.
  • Are all native Japanese speakers.
  • Are kind and friendly.
  • Are eager to teach.
  • Have flexible teaching styles.
  • Passed our strict application screening and interview.

The lessons are enjoyable because our teachers are fun and love to teach.

1 lesson from ¥390
(1 lesson from $3)
You can take as many lessons as you want. Have fun learning!

Taking Lessons is Simple.

1. Sign up for free. 2. Check the teacher's schedule. 3. Click on the mark to book the lesson. 4. The teacher will call you via Skype at the scheduled time.

Experience Real Japanese

It is boring to learn from serious typical teachers. So why not learn while having fun? JapaTalk's conversations are real. You can experience real Japanese.

Special Lessons

You can take the Special Lessons by using your points.
Special Lessons are more personalized and specialized Japanese lessons. For example, Weekly lesson, for JLPT, for Business Japanese, etc.

Learn Anywhere

If you have a good internet connection, you can take your lessons anywhere (at home, in a café, and if the weather is nice to the park!)

JapaTalk Teachers

Teacher moto

  • Personality: cheerful
  • Self-introduction:
  • Hi, I'm Moto. I am 58 years old. Since November of 2016 up to present, I am taking English lessons from a language school. So I know how to talk in English a little and at the same time I'm interested in speaking with foreigners and to learn about their countries and cultures. If you want to have an enjoyable and fun lesson. I am here to help you.
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Teacher Sariy

  • Personality: mild
  • Self-introduction:
  • Hello, everyone! Please call me Sariy. I'm a native Japanese speaker. I speak standard Japanese. I work writing web articles, and having some private Japanese classes (online). I worked as a radio reporter, MC(Master of Ceremony), and a secretary for the president of the company. I took a training speaking formal Japanese from some professional announcers. Let's enjoy learning Japanese!
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Teacher mano

  • Personality: cool
  • Self-introduction:
  • Hello! I’m mano. I had been working as a system engineer (SE) for 5 years and a stenotypist (steno = typing speedily) over 10 years. I speak English and am learning Chinese and Korean. Also understand German and Spanish a little. I like watching sports(soccer, sumo, tennis, volleyball), listening to music (jazz, latin), reading books, seeing a play. I'm posting the tips for learning Japanese language and culture.
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Teacher toko

  • Type: mild
  • Self-introduction:
  • Hello,my name is Toyoko. My goal to teach is not only teaching ,but I want you to have fun ,learning our culture ,and want you to find some interests of our country.I’m very excited to see you!!! My class 1.How to say Days,Months and Dates 2.How to greets 3.How to count 4.How to say weather 5.How to order at the restaurant ,etc
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Teacher Non

  • Type: gentle
  • Self-introduction:
  • I'm Non. Teaching Japanese has been my passion since I started teaching to foreign people in 2008, and intereracting with people around the world brings me a great joy. I'm also learning English and always inspired by people who are making efforts to achieve their goals in both studying Japanese and their work. In addition to the ordinary class, JapaTalk has newly introduced "Special Lesson Course" since June 2018, which is categorized depending on its speciality.
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Teacher Yuka

  • Personality: Cheerful
  • Self-introduction:
  • Hi, everyone! I would love to help improve your Japanese! If you don't have any courage to learn Japanese, don't worry because I understand how you feel. I have studied English and it was challenging but I could broaden my world. Next is your turn! Don't be afraid of failure! I can teach basic Japanese conversation or business conversation. If you want to improve your speaking skills I can help!
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