Japanese language materials

JapaTalk's original Japanese language materials

Original Japanese materials by JapaTalk teachers for JapaTalk students. Please use it for lessons and Japanese study.

Particles「は」「が」「を」「で」「に」「の」 (12 pages)
This is a collection of JLPT N4 level particles.
There are practice questions, so let's give it a try!

3-Hint Quiz: What is this? (5 pages)
Can you find the answer with three Japanese clues?
There are three levels and 18 questions. Let's give it a try!

Japanese expressions that can be used on Skype (25 pages)
From greetings, aizuchi, how to request in the lesson, and how to check the correctness of your Japanese expressions.

Verb conjugation practice 1 (1 page)
Verb conjugation practice 2 (14 pages)
Important Japanese verb conjugations, let's practice them.

Understanding how to count "things" through pictures (15 pages)
You can learn how to count money, time, people, days of the month, and many other things through pictures. There are also practice questions at the end.

Read the news in Japanese! (12 pages)
There are three sets of news and questions about them. Try to make sure you read them correctly. There are also sample answers.
Reading news is great for input!

How to Write Business Japanese Emails (16 pages)
Let's review the basics of writing e-mail in Japanese and look at some real-life examples. There are also some useful set expressions.
Please take extra care when wording emails because you can't see their face.

Sorting Questions 50 Part 1 (6 pages)

Sorting Questions 50 Part 2 (6 pages)

Sorting Questions 50 Part 3 (7 pages)

Let's use them to test your Japanese abilities!
*Please ask your teacher for the answer.

One letter + "ツ" Onomatopoeia (18 pages)
Try to express your feelings with a single character. It can tell you a lot!

Japanese phraseology word list 2021 (3 pages)
explanation of wording (16 pages)
Have you ever heard of these expressions? Let's enjoy a higher level of conversation!

Japanese 100 Questions (11 pages)
There are 100 questions and answers in Japanese. There is also English, so it is easy to understand.
100 drill!

Japanese conversation in the hospital (46 pages)
We collect Japanese conversation in the hospital. English and Chinese explanations are also available.

Conversations with Kindergarten Teachers (10 pages)
You will find examples of conversations with kindergarten teachers, examples of words to say to teachers, and how to thank them.

Causative mom, Causative passive dad, and Passive kid (1 page)
Use it to practice the passive and the causative. Ask your teacher for the answer.

Japanese language addition (3 page)
This is an exercise in connecting two words to form a correct sentence.
It is a good practice for particles, い-adjectives, な-adjectives, etc.
*Ask your teacher for the answer.

Let's start free talk (For Beginner) (2 page)
Practice introducing yourself, ministering, and listening back.

Japanese intonation (2 page)
If you use low notes and high notes, you will be able to pronounce them correctly. Let's practice!

Magical "A or B" questions for conversation (7 page)
Make a question with two key words written and answer it. Let’s try to ask those questions you made to other people as well.

Make comparative sentences (3 page)
Let's try creating sentences that compares two things. Find as many similarities and differences as you can.