How long does it take each class?

one lesson = 25 minutes
two lessons = 50 minutes
You can book two lessons in a row.

Can I take a 50-minute lesson?

Yes, you can.
If you reserve two consecutive lessons, you can take a 50-minute lesson.

How much does it cost to take each class?

The lesson fee is set by the teachers.
The lowest points are 390pt(=¥390) for a class.
You can check the points at Japanese Teachers' List.

How to send my lesson request to the teacher?

Click the date of the lesson, you can see the booking details page.
You can send your message and request to the teacher here.

How to continue with my lessons?

If you would like to continue, please log in and buy some points or join a monthly plan at "Buy Points" Page.

If there is no call from the teacher, how should I do?

Please call the teacher via Skype.
Teacher's skype name is written in the booking details page (and in the booking confirmation email). Click the date of the lesson, you can see the booking details page.

If you can't still contact teachers, please send us a report. Please click the date of the lesson at the Lesson list.

In case the teacher does not answer my call, when can I get back points?

You can change the lesson status within 24 hours after the lesson, then your points will be returned. So please wait a moment.
Please click the date of the lesson to change the lesson status.

If Skype app doesn't work well, how should I do?

Please try the following Skype web directly.

Skype web

Even though I've cancel a class, points haven't been returned. How should I do?

Please keep in mind that if is passes 24 hours before the lesson starting time, you can't get back your points. (If isn't passes 24 hours, you can get back your points.)

Can I pay the fee by PayPal, or debit card, or Amex card, or prepaid card?

Yes, you can. We accept PayPal, and debit cads, and Amex card, and prepaid card individually. Please contact us. (Please tell us which plan you want to join in.)

Can I pay the fee at convenience stores?

You can buy a Vプリカ(V Purika) at convenience stores. It is a prepaid card. There is not the examination of qualification.
If you can't use it as a credit card, please contact us. (Please tell us which plan you want to join in.)

If I got some points left with this month, can it be brought forward to next month's plan?

Yes. If you buy some additional points, you can bring your points to next month's plan.

Am I able to take lessons from overseas?

Yes, you can.

Can I have a short break?

Yes, you can.
1. Cancel your monthly plan at "Buy points page".
2. Join our plan again whenever you want.

How can I quite JapaTalk?

After logging in, please go to "Buy points" page, and you can find "Cancel form" at the bottom of the page.