What is the Japanese Conversation Test?

The Japanese Conversation Test is the test to measure your Japanese conversation abilities. This exam is available only to paid members of JapaTalk. We believe that it is important to have conversations skills including speaking skills, intonation, and listening skills in actual life for communication.

If you are from other countries and have the 2nd grade or the higher level of the Japanese Conversation Test, it would be favorable when you work for companies in Japan.

By checking the test's levels, those who employ people who are from other countries can know conversation skills in Japanese. We are going to take time for assessing your communication abilities, so you can precisely know your ability.
You are taking the test like an interview, and you can assess these 6 abilities below.

  1. Communication skills (We'll check if you are able to respond to questions correctly and smoothly.)
  2. Comprehension and listening skills
  3. Expression skills and speaking skills
  4. Intonation
  5. Vocabulary (in conversation and business)
  6. Keigo (honorific expression)

We comprehensively assess these abilities as written above, and your ability would be certificated as follows.

Levels What each level of people can do
Expert level The top level in native Japanese speaker
  • Able to speak grammatically correct and refined Japanese.
  • Having high communication skills.
  • Having a good language command in business.
1st Grade Level of native Japanese speaker
  • Able to have Japanese conversations at the same level of Japanese people who are working.
  • Having wide vocabularies such as business terms.
  • Can master usage of Keigo.
  • The intonation is almost the same as Japanese native speakers.
2nd Grade Able to work in Japanese
  • Able to comprehend Japanese and express your opinion using the correct Japanese.
  • Having general vocabulary which is used in business.
  • Able to use Keigo.
3rd Grade General conversation level
  • Able to communicate in Japanese with no problem in daily life.
  • Able to say simple opinions and comments.
4th Grade Beginner level
  • Able to introduce yourself in Japanese.
  • Able to answer simple questions with "͂" or ""

How to take the exam

You can take this examination online, like interviews.
If you want to take this examination, please tell us your available time and grade which you are going to take.
(ex. from 7 pm to 11 pm between Monday and Friday)
Please apply from contact us.

Date & Time

You can take the Japanese conversation test anytime. The test is for about 25 minutes. It is possible to receive the result of the test after one week when you apply.

What you need to take the test

You need Skype application and PC or smart phone and good Internet environment.

Examination Contents

This is a 25-minute one-on-one online test. The main contents are vocabulary tests, hearing tests, and speaking tests.
After the test, we will send you the scores for the above six skills, what mistakes you made in the test, and your improvements.

Examination fee

It costs 4,400JPY for 2nd grade and higher levels, 3,300JPY for 3rd grade and 4th grade. After the test, you can get certification online format. If you need a paper certificate, an extra charge is needed.
*This exam is available only to paid members of JapaTalk.
certification of Japanese conversation test

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