Review from students

The teachers are so friendly, nice and effective!

I have been using JapaTalk since June 2020 and I am very satisfied with it!
It's really convenient, user-friendly and the price is reasonable. The teachers are so friendly, nice and effective! With JapaTalk, I improved my Japanese skills. I highly recommend it for Japanese learners like me.
- ReaTanaka

I wish I had found JapaTalk earlier on in my Japanese journey!

When it comes to language learning, consistency is the key! What JapaTalk allows me to do is take very affordable lessons on daily basis and it is easy to fit a 25 min. lesson into my schedule. I especially like the fact that, depending on the teacher, you can literally book a lesson less than an hour in advance! There is a vast choice of teachers and they are all very friendly. I wish I had found JapaTalk earlier on in my Japanese journey!
- M.S.

Thanks to Japatalk help me to realize this dream.

I really enjoy JapaTalk. I can find a lot of teachers online. The teachers come from many areas of Japan, so I can learn many different kinds of Japanese culture.
I have met a teacher who is a retired high school teacher. She taught me a lot and her writing skill is very good. I got very good writing training with her. I also have met a teacher whose personality is very bright. She is very friendly and because she is experienced in a Japanese language school, she knows a lot of problems of foreigners.
Besides, I also have met a monk who teaches Japanese, a university student, or a very warming grandmother. Here in JapaTalk I always have a wonderful time with Japanese.
Although these two years we are in the COVID pandemic, we still could enjoy hour online time with our loving Japanese language and culture.
I plan to study in Japan, and thanks to Japatalk help me to realize this dream. I will go to Japan until the new entry restriction is cancelled. Thank you Japatalk.
- G. Wang





- L. Lee

This is a fairly ideal platform for busy people as we can adjust the class schedule, request topics of learning, and even choose teachers. There are no other better platforms to recommend so far :)
- Arum

JapaTalk is a very well organized platform/company for Japanese learners. You can find a suitable native Japanese teacher from anywhere in the world. Using the website and finding teachers are very easy, and the price is very reasonable. I would definitely recommend it to any Japanese learner.
- Amelia H.

JapaTalk is good value for others. The website is could be easier to use, but that is not really a big problem.
- Samantha

I really like JapaTalk! Lots of great teachers.
- Max

Most teachers and good and reliable, find a good teacher and book away!
- Clare

Affordable and efficient. It gets the message across very clearly. Good for students who do not want to spend a lot of money on private lessons and do not want to get out of their room to meet people.
- Tee

Japan talk has a search function that is very useful and easy to find a suitable teacher for your requirement. I highly recommend it to my friends if they want to learn Japanese in 1-1 and communicate with native people.
- Trang

JapaTalk is a convenient and affordable platform to learn Japanese. Aside from learning, you get to meet interesting people and foster relationships. My teacher and I always enjoy ourselves during lessons because it's not just about rigid learning like in a classroom, but really about being able to talk to a person in a natural way. I have and continue to recommend JapaTalk to my friends or anyone who asks me how I study Japanese.
- Galatheya

You can see a lot of feedback on the instructor's page. Below are some of them.

  • She is an excellent teacher especially for beginners like me. We used Mina no Nihongo and I am surprised that she is well prepared. She is very helpful and considerate to students. Awesome teacher!! (Non Sensei)
  • Really friendly teacher. Aya sensei typed everything and explained each point clearly.(aya Sensei)
  • I have been using JapaTalk for several months now and Rie is quite simply the best teacher for newcomers whom want to have free talk with a Japanese native (I am an N4/N3 level student).
  • Mikiko Sensei is a wonderful teacher and a great person to talk to. She always teaches me a lot of useful expressions. I always have a fun time talking to her while learning very useful words.
  • Megumi-sensei is very engaging, interesting, and professional. She also provides helpful corrections and notes with both kanji and yomikata. Highly recommended!
  • Very kind and professional teacher. I have taken two lessons. One is for study advice and in another lesson, I got feedback on my CV. Ms.taiwa matters student's demand and give specific advice due to difference in different Japanese level. I highly recommend everyone come to have a lesson with Ms.taiwa.
  • RIE Sensei is such a wonderful person. She has lots of experience in life and have a very nice personality. I can talk about many things and learn Japanese at the same time!
  • She encourages me to use the words we learned in our previous lessons that made me remember it more and use it more naturally.(かよこ sensei)
  • Akemi Sensei is a wonderful teacher! She really cares about what student really wants to learn and customized her lessons. She is also a great teacher in pronunciation. I enjoy her lesson very much.
  • Toko was very personable and friendly. She made it very easy to learn, memorize and was very interactive. Her positive feedback also made me feel more confident which helped me perform better.
  • Teacher Sariy was really easygoing and helpful! She has taught me really useful phrases and the summary feedback she has provided was really useful. I'd definitely love to continue having conversational talks with her.
  • Kenny sensei is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoy his lessons. His lessons have a solid structure and he clearly puts a lot of effort into making sure the lessons he provides are tailored to the exact areas you want to improve.
  • Always a wonderful and thoughtful lesson. All of the lessons that I have received from Yuri Sensei have been carefully catered to my learning goals.
  • くまりんsensei was very kind and smiled all the time, I felt very comfortable to talk to her.
  • I enjoyed how she helped me engage and practice a lot during the entire lesson. 25 mins flew by so fast! I would really love to continue studying with her. (Sayo Sensei)
  • She`s really friendly and kind. When I cant understand words/sentences, she repeats and type them for me. (moto Sensei)
  • NORRY Sensei is very kind and fun to talk with. She helped me in practicing conversation and correcting my grammars. She is also very supportive and cheerful.
  • Wonderful! Very fun, friendly, easy to talk to and explained grammar very well.(Yoshi Sensei)
  • Himawari sensei taught me very good expressions that sounds more natural.
  • Patient and friendly teacher!(Mai Sensei)
  • I could learn lot within a short time period. (Chiyo Sensei)
  • Great lesson from koto Sensei. Not only my writings is corrected, Sensei also gave me notes about proper grammar and vocabulary usage. Writing in Japanese is hard but learning from mistakes also helps me to learn much more about Japanese language.(koto Sensei)
  • She really prepares well for the lesson. She has a very warm personality which makes the lesson really fun and enjoyable! (Dolly Sensei)
  • Easy to follow. Yuka Sensei was able to quickly judge my Japanese level and adjust accordingly. I was able to learn something in a short period of time.
  • Sakura was very helpful and diligently took notes for the entire lesson so that I could review afterwards. She can speak English very well, too!
  • She understands what I want to say and helps me to express myself in business Japanese. I cannot thank her enough for these lessons! (はる sensei)
  • Very systematic and specific. I believe her corrections will help me and will do more classes with her when time permits.(AYA Sensei)
  • She let me speak more and always write notes of corrections for me rather than writing in the lesson.(Juri Sensei)
  • Teacher yuka is very friendly and accommodating. She always asks for my lesson requests and she also prepares for it. She's amazing!
  • I love how Teacher Momo is eager to help me learn Japanese. Even though I am not that fluent yet, she understands what I am saying and gives suggestion on how to say it in another way which is really great because it really helps improve my Japanese.(Momo Sensei)
  • Teacher is able to speak English and tell the instruction to study what you need. I recommend my best to you.(Ari Sensei)
  • Very professional, patient and kind. Repeated key phrases and made useful notes. (しんsensei)
  • Kaori sensei is very bright, cheerful, kind, and helpful. The lesson provided me with an excellent opportunity to practice my listening and speaking skills, and I was able to get some new vocabulary to help me speak more clearly.
  • ゆき-sensei is honestly one of the hardest working sensei! I love her classes so so much! ^^
  • The lesson had a great flow, friendly atmosphere. Teacher Naoko taught me lots of new, useful expressions for everyday use. Altogether a very enjoyable and informative class!
  • The lesson was very good and helpful to me.(MASA Sensei)
  • Good, professional but still thoughtful and relaxed enough for free conversation or intensive study.(Chie sensei)
  • Sensei's lessons are perfect. I can improve my Japanese day by day by attending Sensei's lesson.(Chika Sensei)
  • Tae Sensei introduced a lot of interesting things in Boliva by Japanese. I have practised and learn much in the Japanese conversation.
  • She is a good teacher. She knows how to manage the time. I learned a lot from the 25min. lesson.(Momo Sensei)
  • She did her best to explain properly the use of TAME NI. Thank you teacher Mima!(みまsensei)
  • Had an enjoyable learning session with Aina sensei. She is kind and helpful, guiding me through the conversation session.
  • Rin san is a kind and expert teacher. She listens well and is very patient. Her excellent English skills allow her to explain everything well. Highly recommended.(りん Sensei)
  • I could speak a lot during the lessons and Chika-san was super encouraging. I'm so happy with the quality and I'll definitely take her lesson again when I can!(chika sensei)
  • The teacher is very friendly and kind. She always ask me what I want to learn and helped me with everything I asked.(Junko Sensei)
  • Great lesson with KARIN! Always super cheerful and helpful.. Focus on conversation and always talk about different and interesting topics.
  • Amazing, also she can speak English well, that's why it is easy to understand. (Mana sensei)
  • The teacher is very friendly and accommodating.(Nagi Sensei)
  • This lesson was also really enjoyable.(Kaede Sensei)
  • Mariya is very friendly and understands how to teach in a way that will help you specifically. I learned many new words and phrases and more importantly how to use them in a real conversation.
  • She is very kind during my trial lesson and she is very patient with me even that I booked for her class at midnight.(Rina Sensei)
  • She is patient and her lesson was helpful to progress in Japanese. She also sent the lesson’s vocabulary list.(Mizuki Sensei)
  • Tiko sensei is very kind and gentle. She provides good conversation and helpful notes!(Tiko Sensei)
  • Commaunication was very good. Will make a try for a 1 hour lesson.(mano Sensei)
  • She was quite friendly and open and we had a pleasant conversation.(Miho Sensei)
  • A super kind and helpful teacher. :) He makes the conversation flow easily and It's always really fun talking to him!(YUUKI sensei)
  • Rino was great. She took time to explain words and put them into context. Very friendly and easy to understand.(りの sensei)
  • She was above expectations as far as conducting the lesson. Her teaching experience showed for sure. I would give her 6 stars if I could.(Ayi sensei)
  • She is really kind and gentle. She gives the student time to practice well. (yoko sensei)
  • Thank you for granting my request. I can review the sentences that you’ve fixed for me! (aya Sensei)
  • I had a lot of fun! Izumi-sensei guided the conversation very well and spoke clearly, explaining the words that I didn't understand.
  • Today I have learned 4 kanji characters. I enjoyed every class we had. Worth a try! (アツコ Sensei)
  • Phenomenal teacher! Very professional and proactive.(kiki Sensei)
  • She taught me lots of useful things and delivered a great lesson. Yuna's English skills were very good and she was very friendly and welcoming.(Yuna Sensei)
  • She is excellent! For advanced level, if you listen to her conversation, she teaches you to speak naturally and the correct nuances and sentence constructions of native japanese conversation. (ERI sensei)
  • Kiki seems like a really friendly, talkative, easy-going person. This was my first time talking to her and the conversation went smoothly!(KIKI Sensei)
  • Aiko-sensei was so kind and professional, but also a lot of fun! She manages to keep the focus on adding new words and phrases without disrupting the pace of the lesson. (AIKO Sensei)
  • The teacher is so meticulous in a good way that she corrected my grammar on the spot and gave me a lot of practice time. (HAYASHI sensei)
  • prepare the class attentive, professinal!(riki Sensei)
  • Momo sensei sends me feedback after the class which is really helpful for revisions. (もも Sensei)
  • The teacher corrects my pronunciation, which I found super helpful in terms of speaking Japanese! (さとけん Sensei)
  • He is able to cater lessons specifically for me and give me feedback to review throughout the week. (max J Sensei)
  • She is VERY easy to talk to and she seems really calm and down to earth. Even though it was the first time, I felt like we had already known each other for a while! I enjoyed having a conversation.(Saki Sensei)
  • Mami sensei is very kind and had many things to talk about in free conversation!(Mami(まみ) Sensei)
  • Ken sensei taught me about the culture in Japan that caught my attention and interest during the lesson. (KEN Sensei)
  • Great lesson with Ayuka! She is very helpful and knowledgable.
  • She is very patient and takes time to listen and correct my errors. She is also very friendly and helpful.(IKU Sensei)
  • Yuki-sensei's speaking is clear and easy to understand. He was able to figure out what I was trying to say when I would forget the word I was looking for.(YUKI Sensei)
  • Perfect teacher. I respect her from deep heart. (みどり sensei)
  • She explains grammar points very clearly. (クリス sensei)
  • She is a kind teacher and easy to understand.(Yuka Sensei)
  • Sarah Sensei speaks very clearly with proper speed.
  • Wonderful class. Very lively and cheerful teacher.(ケン Sensei)
  • The teacher is kind and he made me feel comfortable during the class. I had fun while learning Japanese. (Keisuke(けいすけ) Sensei)
  • I had a good class with あいこ sensei. She gave me some advices to learn kanji easily.
  • Very friendly, easy to talk to and I learned a lot! Mana wrote corrections and information for me and then sent it after the lesson, this meant it didn't interrupt the lesson and I could speak a lot.
  • みゆきsensei is very patient and gave me some very helpful feedback after the lesson.
  • She was very sweet and helpful. She types all the new words for me.(しおり Sensei)
  • Yukari-sensei was very understanding and sweet, great teacher. (ゆかり Sensei)
  • The teacher helped me learn how to read nihongo. Grateful enough to have her lessons every other day . (とも Sensei)
  • So happy because it is very smooth lesson as i wanted to be. Especially if already have favorite topic which want to be learnt. (ai Sensei)
  • very committed and impassioned educator. Adapt quickly to any request even if difficult vocabulary or grammar.(Peco Sensei)
  • Excellent teacher for beginners! He can adjust to the student's needs.(ひろ Sensei)
  • Sayaka is nice and friendly, and her explanation is very clear. Highly recommend you to have her Japanese lesson and your Japanese can be improved quickly with her help. ^^
  • I like how gentle he is in class. He listens to the student attentively. I’ll keep taking his class from now on. (Tomo Sensei)
  • The teacher is great! He's always on track and keeps the lesson very interactive. (ともたろう sensei)
  • She brings a fun and enjoyable lesson! Highly recommend!(Hanako sensei)
  • I liked it when she let me speak a lot. She helped me completing my sentences since my vocabulary is very limited. (Naimei Sensei)
  • the best teacher!!!!I love her so much! really kind and helpful!(Chisato Sensei)
  • Miki is great and she was well-prepared for the first lesson. I was very impressed.
  • She was very kind, considerate and patient. She could explain grammar points to me. It was not hard to understand her, she was great.(YUKI sensei)
  • The teacher is very kind. She didn't have trouble understanding my bad Japanese. She would write down words on the chatbox for proper understanding. Her lesson is commendable.(Rei Sensei)
  • Kazuki-sensei is a great teacher, very flexible on the lesson format and very understanding of both japanese and english in order to help guide you through the lessons. (かずき sensei)
  • I am always thankful that Koto Sensei always give me a pointer and correction in my writing, especially in using correct grammar and vocabulary in Japanese polite language.
  • Minami has this really great skill where she can usually get the idea of what you're trying to say even when you aren't speaking perfectly, so I feel like I can talk a lot during our lessons and she corrects me lightly when mistakes come up and further at the end.
  • Teacher is so tender, kind and nice.(ちさと Sensei)
  • The teacher was extremely generous of her time. She immediately taught what I wish to learn during this class.(ふみ Sensei)
  • Ryota Sensei is very kind, courteous, and friendly!
  • It's so fun and easy to have a conversation with her. Moreover, I feel that I can expand my vocabulary during her lessons because she teaches me new words and expressions. ( Haruna sensei)
  • もみじ Sensei comes very well prepared and is friendly yet straightforward. I learned a lot and have high motivation to study harder thanks to this lesson.
  • I had a very enjoyable lesson! :) (Honami sensei)
  • Mika sensei is very kind, she also teaches me grammar rules in the class and encourages me to do my best. (みか sensei)
  • Very impressed with the lesson will take more lessons in the future. (Taro sensei)
  • I really enjoy the conversation practice! Always super friendly and polite. (Sae K sensei)
  • She's soooo kind! She tries to teach you what you need and understand you mostly. She's the one who helped me feel that what I have been scared of is not a big deal actually. (Marico sensei)
  • George is great! His Japanese is very clear and easy to understand. Also, he's upbeat, kind, and easy to talk to, so the lesson is very fun.(ジョージ sensei)
  • She is one of the best teachers I had the opportunity to study with. (AKI sensei)
  • Tomoko is an excellent teacher. I feel like my Japanese comprehension will improve drastically if I continue taking her lessons. (TOMOKO sensei)
  • Great lesson, the teacher taught me a lot of new words and kanji and we were able to talk a lot. He spoke slowly and I could understand everything and helped me learn a lot. (Yuichi sensei)
  • Kiko is a great teacher. She is so easy to talk to. I look forward to our next lesson. (KIKO sensei)
  • I have the impression that miyoko-sensei is a supportive teacher whose understanding and approach are enhanced by the fact that she can relate to the struggles of learning a second language. (miyoko sensei)
  • Lily-sensei is very kind and easy to talk to. We talked about how to study Japanese and how to study for tests. She sent me feedback about some words I didn't know after the lesson.
  • Michiko sensei's lesson is very well-prepared and structured. Her material is tailored to my needs and is very easy to follow.
  • Anri sensei is very calm and kind. She is very easy to talk to.
  • Tomo Sensei helped me so much in class. It's our first class together and I enjoyed the class so much.
  • The teacher came prepared to ask many simple questions to help me use my Japanese.(KANA sensei)
  • Eriko-sensei seems to put a lot of thought into her answers and doesn’t neglect to point out mistakes.
  • I really appreciate her effort during the lesson. (Sachiko sensei)
  • Koji-sensei is a pleasant, even avuncular, gentleman.(こうじ sensei)
  • Yohei-sensei is very friendly and attentive.
  • Teacher Aki is nice and friendly. Her explanation is clear. highly recommend you to have her lesson ^^
  • I had a very pleasant introductory conversation with Venus-sensei. Though it was free talk, she was quite careful to set the table, as it were, in order that the lesson be tailored to my specific preferences. (VENUS sensei)
  • Haru Sensei is very attentive, kind hearted and enthusiastic. She always encourages me and gives me pieces of advice not only in lessons but also in life.
  • I found Minori-sensei to be a pleasant and patient teacher in our introductory lesson. I also appreciated the care with which she assessed my needs and preferences.
  • Motoco sensei is a very kind teacher. She also corrected my mistakes and explained it clearly.
  • Great lesson. Miki was very good to talk to and I will be rebooking.
  • Hina sensei is a wonderful teacher. She was super prepared and very professional. She provided great examples on difficult words, phrases and expressions. She was very informative and I highly recommend lessons with her.
  • Massaman-sensei was very friendly and energetic, and this made for a lively and enjoyable conversation. Would recommend.
  • Ichika-sensei is very nice to my 5 year old daughter. My daughter had a great fun!
  • ・She is friendly and very kind teacher. She is very patient and takes time to listen to me.Though i'm a beginner yet I'm so happy talking to her. (カナ sensei)
  • Sensei is very enthusiastic and I have a great lesson.(Ann sensei)
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