About JapaTalk

Specialized in Japanese Language

JapaTalk is an Online Japanese Lessons School. If you have Skype application, you can use JapaTalk.
There are many Japanese schools online. What are differences?

  • Specialized in Japanese language
  • You can learn Japanese actually used by Japanese.
  • Teachers are all native Japanese speakers.
  • And highly skilled in Japanese conversation.
  • Very reasonable price
    1 lesson from only 3$ (the average is about 5$)
  • There are many type of lessons. (for JLPT, business Japanese, everyday conversation, for kids, reading, Japanese culture, etc)
  • All teachers passed our strict application screening and interview.

The biggest difference is you can enjoy your lessons.
We want to give you great lessons from our hearts.

Friendly Japanese teacher

It would be boring to learn Japanese from serious typical teachers.
We believe that Japanese language is not study but a means of communications.

We have many friendly and funny teachers.
JapaTalk's Japanese lessons are fun and not pricey.
You can keep your motivation to learn Japanese.

Flexible lessons

In JapaTalk lesson, you can do the lessons you want to do.

We have no syllabuses for everyone, so you can practice Japanese conversations depending on your levels or needs.

Lesson structure

You can choose lesson styles below.

  • Free conversation
  • Practice Japanese language
  • Pronunciation Lessons
  • Learning Japanese in a Sensory Way
    Improve your Japanese skills with lessons centered on sound.
  • Decided topic lesson
  • Situation talking
  • Speech practice
  • Almost all time you talk
  • Have a heart-to-heart talk
  • Take a lesson while eating snacks
  • Studying with a Japanese teacher
and you can send any requests.
Of course, you can take special lessons too.