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*All of our teachers are native Japanese speakers.



Japatalk でのレッスン回数が100回を超えました!いつもみなさんありがとうございます。

わたしは 日本語教師(にほんごきょうし)の資格(しかく)をもっています。(420時間コース) 

イギリス に 四年 と ノルウェーに二年すんでいました。英語(えいご)とノルウェー語(ご)が すこし はなせます。

日本語 は とても むずかしい です。でも、とても おもしろい です。ひらがな や カタカナ、漢字(かんじ) を いっしょ に 勉強(べんきょう) しましょう。よろしく おねがい します。











Hello, thank you for your interest in Japanese language.
I used to live in the UK and Norway. Jeg kan snakke norsk lit!

I finished the Japanese language  tutoring training course for 420 hours in 2015. 

 I was tutoring Japanese language to some people in the UK as a private tutor.
 And now I'm teaching as a Japanese teacher for students from Vietnam, China and Thailand. 
I teach not only about languages but also culture and lifestyle.
I always get vitalities from students' enthusiasm and growth. 

*Methods for teaching*

-"Minna no Nihongo". I'm currently making powerpoint for the textbooks. I use Roma-ji and pictures to describe situations to use new grammars and vocaburalies. We pronounce and have conversation again and again to gain your confidence and improve your Japanese. 

-Roleplaying in different situations to learn new vocabularies and grammars. You can learn how to shop in a supermarket, how to withdraw money from a bank, how to react when it's emergency and so on. 

-Intermediate level, we can try reading news in Japanese to learn some new words and grammars. You can learn how to read and write Kanji from news. And also we can discuss about the topics from the news.

-Advanced level, we can try discussing about news. And if you are interested in some academic fields on Art and Anthropology, I can discuss with you.

-Free talk is welcome too! I often get questions about Japanese customs and also some people just ask me about general concerns in their lives. I love talking about philosophy too! I'd love to know your philosophy and thoughts on everyday life.

 Don't hesitate to ask me any questions. Let's study together!

Japanese is an interesting language since it has three different alphabets, and also it has some strict rules about distinguishing inbetween polite way 敬語 and casual way タメ口. 

There are many differences from Western culture. 
We often care about inside 内 and outside 外 which divides the ways to talk. 
We can discuss about the cultural differences and also some discoveries from Japanese language.

Let’s enjoy to discover your way of speaking in Japanese! 
Do you want to speak politely? Or casually? 
Do you want to talk like anime character? 

You can ask me any questions related to Japanese culture too! 
(I personally love Ghibli films and Haruki Murakami. If you have any recommendation to me, let me know :))

Even if you have no idea about alphabet or grammer, 
I can use Romaji and English to teach you in the beginning, so don’t worry!

Hope I can see you soon.Jaane


    ・とっても熱心な先生です。授業をとてもきちんと準備してくれました。たくさん勉強になりました。ありがとうございました。 ・ありがとうございました。
    ・I had so much fun in the lesson, Haru sensei is a great teacher. She’s very patient and She knows how to motivate me and she explains throughly. She also focused on my output which is amaziiiing.
    ・We read news articles before segueing into details of her research in visual anthropology and other subjects. I had a rather agreeable – not to mention educational – time, and hope to continue the conversation at some point in the future.




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