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Japanese Conversation Test examinerExpert 1st grade 2nd grade or lower
English LevelUpper-intermediate
*All of our teachers are native Japanese speakers.


 I will be closed for lessons for a while starting in November. I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


A certified native Japanese tutor with 11 years of experience. Lessons adapted for you!

I have taught over 8300 lessons so far!!

For first time students 500 points

Free talk lesson 600 points

Students who have never studied Japanese before are welcome♡ There is no problem even if you cannot read hiragana or katakana. Let's build your foundation of Japanese together!



◎日本語能力試験のための勉強 (N1~N5)

Genki, みんなの日本語, Japanese for busy people, TRY! N1~N5, 日本語総まとめ, 日本語スピードマスターなど



[About yuka sensei]

Nice to meet you! I'm Yuka, a Japanese language teacher.
I majored in English and Japanese education. After graduating from my University, I worked as an English teacher at a public school in Japan for three years, then taught Japanese language  to international students at a private school for four years. Now I live abroad and teach Japanese to students from all over the world. Teaching is my passion! 

I've lived in the US and the UK. I currently live in South Korea . My hobbies are zumba, yoga, watching movies, and traveling. I am currently attending college for a second degree majoring in Communication Studies.

[About the lesson]
Various lessons using textbook, daily conversation tips, topical talks, news & media videos, JLPT preparation, Japanese for kids (4+ years old) are available. Beginner students who do not understand Hiragana or Katakana are also welcome. Students who do not have textbooks are welcome to take lessons. Lessons can also be taught in English. So, please don't be afraid to start learning Japanese with me!!

[About textbook]
Genki, Minna no Nihongo, Japanese for busy people, TRY! N1-N5, Nihongo sou matome, Nihongo Speed master etc.
* If you have any other textbook which you want to use please let me in advance. PDF or photo via Skype is preferred.
* Students who cannot read hiragana and katakana are also supported. Please feel free to contact me.

I am looking forward to working with you!

2011- 2014 English teacher, public junior high school in Japan

2014- 2018 Japanese teacher for foreign students, private high school in Japan

2018‐   Online Japanese Teacher

2011年~2014年 日本の公立中学校で英語を教えていました。

2014年~2018年 日本の私立の学校で外国人に日本語を教えていました。

2018年~ オンラインで日本語を教えています。



Mar.2011: B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Japanese language education, University,Japan.

2017~ 2018 Student of  UMUC Japan
2018~ 2021 Student of UMGC Europe  (communication studies)
2021~   Student of UMGC Korea (communiction studies) 

2011年 文学部英文学科四年制大学卒業 日本語教育副専攻

2017年~ 2018年 メリーランド大学 ジャパン校 
2018年~ 2021年  メリーランド大学 ヨーロッパ校 
2021年~      メリーランド大学 韓国校

〈Special Lessons〉

☆For first time students
 700 points →500 points

☆Free talk lesson with Yuka Sensei
    700 points→600 points
 700 ポイント→600 ポイント

☆Lesson for JLPT 
 700 points

☆Lesson for kids(8 years old~)
 700 points

☆Lesson for Japanese pronunciation 
 700 points




    ・Yuka-sensei's lesson is very easy to understand and I learned a lot from her just from our first lesson. Her method of teaching is apt for beginners like me. I love how she would first confirm what I would like to learn and also suggest things before we start the lesson. Her pronunciation is clear so it's easy for me to understand her words and her "speaking speed" is right for my level.
    ・Easy to follow. Yuka Sensei was able to quickly judge my Japanese level and adjust accordingly. I was able to learn something in a short period of time.
    ・The lesson was good, she could judge my level and was reading sentence at my pace. Recommended!
    ・Yuka-sensei is very professional. I am happy to start learning with her.
    ・Yuka-san is a great teacher.
    ・She is a very good teacher who knows how to adjust her speaking pace based on my level. She also used the chat box which was very helpful for me.
    ・Very patient. We just moved here in Japan so I really don't know how to properly pronounce a word, but Yuka sensei was very patient and taught me per syllable or letter so I pronounce a word correctly.
    ・My first experience with JapaTalk was fun because Yuka-sensei was really good. I was nervous all throughout but she was there to help me feel at ease. I will book another lesson with her after the holidays =)
    ・Yuka sensei is a friendly teacher. I enjoyed had a lesson with her. She also gave me correction every time I made a mistake. Thank you Yuka-san.
    ・Yuka-sensei was very easy to approach. I am a very busy person, and have hardly no direction in terms of studying Japanese. She directed me towards a specific textbook that seems good for me. Despite knowing the basic grammar, I felt assured that I will be learning quite a lot. I look forward to learning more from her.
    ・She is patient and firm at the same time.
    ・I recommend Yuka sensei for her great JLPT prep classes that I took to help with my grammar knowledge. Her methods of explaining were very clear and allowed me to understand things in a deeper way than I had done before.
    ・I’ve learned a lot from her lesson. She’s very patient and she explained the grammar thoroughly.




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