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  • 会話上達
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English LevelUpper-intermediate
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*All of our teachers are native Japanese speakers.


Hello Everybody!
My name is Leina and I am 25 years old! よろしくおねがいします!
I was born in Kanagawa, Japan. I am fluent in Japanese and in English as I went to different international schools abroad until the age of 10. What sets me apart from others is that I have experience and am knowledgeable about a large array of different cultures as I’ve lived in 6 different countries (Singapore, France, Romania, Thailand, New Zealand, and Japan) and have travelled to over 20 countries. 
I was in the English department in both my high school and university. 
After graduating university, I worked at a Japanese company for 2 years.
Please let me know which lesson you would like to take.
Casual Conversation
We can talk about any topics you want!
At first, I would like to know about you, so we can have an introduction and talk about our hobbies.

We can have a conversation or read an article together. I can then correct your pronunciation/intonation. 

Basic Business Japanese
I have experience working at a convenience store and at an Izakaya when I was in college. After graduating, I was working as an office worker for two years. Therefore, I could teach you the Japanese norms and rules in the corporate environment or in a more casual environment. Also, if you have any questions/concerns about your current work place please feel free to let me know.

Japanese Business E-mails
If you are already working in Japan, I am assuming you’re struggling with the various rules about sending e-mails in Japan.
As a former corporate worker, I can lead you through this process. 

Interview Prep
I have interviewed for various companies over 30 times. I can teach the in and outs of the interview process in Japan. Lastly I can also practice interviewing.

I can teach you JLPT N2~N5 content using the free practice test from the JLPT website.
If you are going to prepare a text book, please send me photos before the lesson.

Anything else you may need help with
For example,,,
-Things you are worried about before coming to Japan
-About Japanese trains
-How to make friends in Japan
-Cultural norms
If you are anxious about speaking Japanese, don't worry!
I am a good listener and can create conversation when needed.
I am here for you to speak Japanese in a safe and relaxing environment!
The MOST important thing for me is to let you speak as much as you are comfortable speaking. I will follow whatever style suits you best. If you want to talk more that is great! On the other hand, if you want me to lead and dominate the conversation I can accommodate to that as well!
I do not have certification as a Japanese tutor, but I do have private tutoring experience.
<What I like to do>
 ・Watching sports (especially rugby)
 ・Watching movies/TV programs/anime
*Favorite Anime
 ・Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba-
・Tokyo Ghoul
 ・Spy Family
 ・Tokyo Revengers
 ・Violet Evergarden
 ・My Hero Academia
 ・Chainsaw Man
Thank you for reading until the end!
I am looking forward to meeting you!!

  • カジュアル会話
  • 発音
  • 初級編ビジネス日本語
  • ビジネスメールの作成方法とルール
  • 面接準備・練習
  • JLPTの勉強
JLPT N2~N5のレベルを、JLPTのサイトに載っている教材を使って一緒に勉強しましょう!
  • その他何でも!!
  • 日本に来日するのに不安に思っていること
  • 日本の電車について
  • 日本での友達の作り方
  • 文化の常識 など


Students' comments

    ・A very enjoyable conversation! I highly recommend giving her lessons a try!
    ・I had a really interesting speaking practice lesson. She sensei always trying to improve my level to the next level. I'm looking forward for next lesson.
    ・Great first lesson! Conversation flowed freely and she made me feel comfortable from the start and got me talking a lot. Looking forward to the next one.
    ・Leina sensei is very easy to talk to. She is a good listener and able to ask very good questions which helped me speak more in her class.
    ・Reina sensei is very attentive and caring. She is a good listener and fixed my problem immediately if i made a mistake.

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