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Birthday1994年07月03日(日) age:29
  • フリートーク
  • 文法(Grammar)
  • 発音(Pronunciation)
  • Business
  • 敬語(Keigo)
  • 会話上達
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Japanese Conversation Test examiner2nd grade or lower
English LevelUpper-intermediate
Reservableuntil 48時間 before the lesson
*All of our teachers are native Japanese speakers.


Updated schedule for November

I am taking a day off from Nov 20th until Dec 6th zzz

Thanks for visiting my page.

My name is Mizuki. I'm a Japanese native speaker.

I will do my best to help you improve your Japanese.

☆To enjoy learning Japanese is the best way to improve your Japanese! 

<About my lesson>
☆All beginner-friendly classes☆
*No worries if you do not have any experience in Japanese!

Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

I don't have certification as a Japanese tutor. Thank you for your understanding.
日本語講師(にほんごこうし)の資格(しかく)は、持(も)っていません。 ご理解(りかい)のほど、よろしくお願(ねが)いします。
<teaching experience>
Private teacher for high school student: 4 years
Ballet instructor: 6 years



Free Conversation (フリートーク) 

日本語【にほんご】 で  会話【かいわ】を 楽【たの】しみましょう! 
-学【まな】んだ 日本語【にほんご】を アウトプットします
-日本語の 会話【かいわ】に 慣【な】れます
-日本語リスニングに 慣【な】れます
-友達【ともだち】や 同僚【どうりょう】との 会話【かいわ】がスムーズにできます。

◇Let's enjoy conversation in Japanese! 
-Let's OUTPUT the Japanese that you studied.
-Get used to having conversations with me :)
-Get used to listening to Japanese.
-To have conversations smoothly with your friends, coworkers, etc.

Textbook (教科書【きょうかしょ】をつかいます)

-みんなの日本語 初級(しょきゅう)1

1 レベルに あわせて 授業【じゅぎょう】を 行【おこな】います。
  Classes will be held according to your level.
2 勉強【べんきょう】したい ページ【ぺーじ】を 事前【じぜん】に 教【おし】えてください。
  Please let us know in advance which lesson you would like to study.
3 英語【えいご】で 説明【せつめい】できます。
  I can explain in English.
4 間違【まちが】えた発音【はつおん】は すぐに訂正【ていせい】します。
  I will correct your wrong pronunciation immediately.

★私のモットーは 「たのしく学ぶこと」です。なので、きびしくありません。
リラックスして レッスンを 受けにきてください。
I want you to enjoy learning Japanese. Therefore, I am not a strict teacher.
Please relax and come to take my lesson :)

★答【こた】えは  1つでは ありません。
間違【まちが】いだと 思【おも】っている  答【こた】えは、  
私【わたし】たちが いつも使【つか】っている 日本語かもしれません。
自分【じぶん】で かんがえた答【こた】えは、
教科書【きょうかしょ】の答【こた】えを 見る前【まえ】に、
私と一緒 【いっしょ】に チェックしましょう♪
There is more than one answer.
The answer you think is a mistake may actually be the Japanese we usually use.
Check your own answers with me before looking at the textbook answers♪

上【うえ】に 書【か】いていない テキストも 使【つか】うことができます。
その場合【ばあい】は 授業【じゅぎょう】の前【まえ】に 写真【しゃしん】などをシェアしてください。
We can also use textbooks that are not listed above. If so, please share photos, etc. in advance.



◇発音【はつおん】と イントネーションを 練習【れんしゅう】しましょう
◇Practice your pronunciation and intonation.


Basic business Japanese

◇私は、平日【へいじつ】は   会社【かいしゃ】で   働【はたら】いています。
なので、基本的【きほんてき】な ビジネス日本語【にほんご】や、
日本【にほん】の 会社【かいしゃ】のルールを 教【おし】えることができます。
もし、すでに  日本の会社で  働【はたら】いているなら、
難【むずか】しいと感【かん】じたこと  や   悩【なや】みも  聞【き】きます!

◇I'm an office worker during the week.  So, I can teach you basic business Japanese or rules when you work at the office in Japan.
If you are already working for a Japanese company, you can come here and talk about some difficulties or worries through your experience!



-単語【たんご】チェックテスト Vovablary check test 
-なやみ を ききます 
If you have any problems or troubles (living in Japan, culture gap, working in Japan, etc)
, please don't hesitate to talk to me. :) 


If there's anything else you'd like to do, we're always here for you!


●What I can help with ●
1. Explaining in English
  - I will try to use Japanese as much as possible, however, I can also use English as needed.
 - 出来(でき)る限(かぎ)り、日本語(にほんご)を使(つか)って説明(せつめい)をしますが、

2. Mistake correction
 - When I find out your mistake, I will let you know by Skype message.
 - 間違(まちが)いを見(み)つけたら、Skypeを通(とお)して訂正(ていせい)します。

3. Feel back
 - I will give you brief feedback after your classes.
 - クラスの後(あと)、簡単(かんたん)なフィードバックをお送(おく)りします。

I would be more than happy to help you improve your Japanese skill.
If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact me.



名前【なまえ】    みづき
出身【しゅっしん】  愛知県【あいちけん】
誕生日【たんじょうび】1994/7/3 (28)
正確【せいかく】   親【した】しみやすい・楽天的【らくてんてき】・優【やさ】しい
Japatalk        2021年9月〜
趣味【しゅみ】    バレエ・ヨガ 

Name: Mizuki

Birthplace:Aichi Prefecture

Birthday: 1994/7/3 (28)
Personality: Friendly, optimistic, kind, patient, laid-back, and relaxed
Japatalk: From September 2021
Hobbies: Ballet, Yoga

I studied English Literature and Linguistics at university. When I was a sophomore in college, I studied abroad in England for a year.
After graduating from university, I worked for an English school company as a human resources and secretary.
I am currently working at a manufacturing company and ballet studio as a ballet teacher.


Students' comments

    ・I recommend Mizuki sensei, she is patient and her lesson was helpful to progress in Japanese. She also sent the lesson’s vocabulary list.
    ・Mizuki is a great teacher. It was very easy to talk with her. I hope to have more lessons with her in the future.
    ・Very kind and bright!
    ・I found her laid-back and easy to talk to. As it was our first conversation, we couldn't do much more than break the ice, but I had a good time and hope to pick up where we left off in the near future.

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