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Blood TypeB型
Birthday1998年11月13日(金) age:25
  • フリートーク
  • JLPT
English LevelBeginner
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*All of our teachers are native Japanese speakers.


Hello, My name is YUKI.

I am from Japan ,
Now I live in Bagkok in Thailand.


My lesson style〉

・ I can't teach you, but we can study together

I will prepare as much I can for what you would like to learn.
so please just let me know what would like to do in the lessson.

・Free talk
・Study Kanji
・Study for  JLPT


Students' comments

    ・The class was great. I am very happy about the class.
    ・He is a good teacher. He asks questions and provide suggestions for easier learning.
    ・Great teacher, was very helpful and friendly!
    ・Yuki-sensei's speaking is clear and easy to understand. He was able to figure out what I was trying to say when I would forget the word I was looking for. He was very accommodating and an awesome conversationalist for free talk!
    ・This was my firs time talking to Yuki先生 and it was really fun from start to finish! He gave me some relationship advice which I really appreciate, and his love story is very interesting to hear! ^^ 25 minutes went by too fast. I hope to talk with him again soon!
    ・Happy to learn and talk with Yuki sensei.He can make me feel relax during class.
    ・This is my first lesson with the teacher and he was able to build a good rapport with me. I liked the first lesson and he was assessing my skills in Japanese conversation.
    ・The lesson was great and the teacher even gave a few instructions for me to learn better. Thank you!

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