Japanese language tutor Rie-sensei's interview


Please introduce yourself briefly

Since I was a high school student, I have been interested in foreign countries, so when I was a university student, I went to Boston to study.
While I was in Boston, I had a chance to support Japanese language class as a volunteer and that was my first time to learn there is a job called Japanese language teacher.
After finished my study in Boston, I kept studying to become a Japanese language teacher and then, after graduated a graduate school, I became a Japanese language teacher at a Japanese language school.
I have been teaching Japanese for 12 years since that time.

What are the characteristics of your lessons?

There are many types of the lessons such as study for JLPT, study for BJT, to write essays, to read news and so on, so you can combine lessons depends on your level and goals.
It is also welcome to ask questions about grammars and vocabularies which are difficult to understand when you study by yourself.

What do you value in your lessons?

In my lesson, most important thing is to be cheerful and enjoy!
I also have studied some languages, so I know how nervous you are when you speak Japanese.
So, I always try to be cheerful and encourage my students to feel "I want to study Japanese more!"

What do you think is the key to improving Japanese?

The key to improve Japanese skill is to speak Japanese as much as possible. The more you make mistakes, the more your Japanese skill will be improved. Please try to use the grammar and vocabulary which you learned during the lesson as much as possible. To watch Japanese anime, movies, dramas, and listen to Japanese songs are other good ways to study Japanese.

What's your favorite thing to do?

My favorite things are to take photos, calligraphy, and study new languages. I have studied English, Chinese, Nepali and recently I started studying Vietnamese.

What makes you happy in your lessons?

The happiest thing for me is my students’ success of JLPT exam.
Many of my students told me “I passed the exam! “ and that is the happiest moment for me.
In addition when my students use Japanese phrases which we studied together or when they tell me about their culture and tradition. These moments are also really enjoyable to me.

What would you like to say to the students of JapaTalk?

Thank you very much for your enjoyable talk, my students.
I really love talking with you! I feel like that I always travel all over the world even though I’m in my room.
I think it must be really difficult to study Japanese, but if you achieve small goals, you’ll achieve a great goal. Let's enjoy studying Japanese with me!

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