JapaTalk the 1st Japanese Output Contest

Thank you for participating in JapaTalk's Japanese Output Contest.
Many of the applicants are not YouTuber, are never used to making videos in Japanese, and were new to the process.
Let us first applaud them for having the courage to apply.
Below are the final screening results and the entries that passed the preliminary screening.
All of these videos are useful for studying Japanese.
If you find something useful for your Japanese learning, please go to the Youtube page and click the Like button or comment.
Thank you.

1st place Agata-san : 50,000 points reward
Three important things: Go to the Youtube page

[JapaTalk Comment]
The video clearly expresses three important things that have been important in her 12 years of studying Japanese. The video also encourages Japanese language learners because she herself was not very good at studying the language at first.
Have a purpose. It doesn't have to be a big goal, just something familiar like anime or music.
Make it a habit and do it like a robot. And have fun.
The way she uses JapaTalk is also helpful.

2nd place Tan KengHo-san : 30,000 points reward
How to improve Japanese: Go to the Youtube page

[JapaTalk Comment]
This presentation is useful for those who are learning Japanese, such as how to have feelings, how to use Japanese in daily life, and small tricks to help memory.
Some of the content is a little difficult for beginners, but if you watch it well along with the PowerPoint presentation, you will find a lot of useful information.

3rd place Rayan-san : 10,000 points reward
My Japanese study method: Go to the Youtube page

[JapaTalk Comment]
You can see how she got her JLPT N2, the specific teaching materials, and how she uses JapaTalk.
The lessons on kanji using the whiteboard and teaching materials show the potential of JapaTalk lessons.

Works that passed the first screening
(order of entries)

Honza-san 3 important things: Go to the Youtube page

[JapaTalk Comment]
These are three important things for learning Japanese. It is simple, important, and beneficial.

Christine-san Learning Japanese with AI: Go to the Youtube page

Which materials and apps: Go to the Youtube page

[JapaTalk Comment]
She suggests a new way to learn using Youtube transcriptions. She also introduces some teaching materials and applications.
As suggested, it would be a good way to learn Japanese using your favorite subject matter.

Andy-san What was useful for me: Go to the Youtube page

[JapaTalk Comment]
He introduced some interesting learning methods, such as making up stories and speaking, studying using gaps in time, and doing gameplay in Japanese. Many of them are helpful. As he said, it would be better if he edited it to make it easier to watch.

CT-san Input + Output
[JapaTalk Comment]
She shared her study method, which is divided into input and output. The vocabulary and grammar apps are practical, with repetitive learning features. There is also an encouraging talk about how to improve your language skills.

Hirosato-san How I study Japanese: Go to the Youtube page

[JapaTalk Comment]
You can see how he himself has studied Japanese. He introduced some useful things for Japanese language learners, such as an electronic kanji dictionary.

Qihan Li-san Got a job offer after studying Japanese: Go to the Youtube page

[JapaTalk Comment]
Although the main topic is a little different, he shared how he got a job offer from a Japanese company, and you can learn how to use One Career and other tools to efficiently create a job-hunting text.

Thank you for your cooperation.
We hope you will find them useful.